Thursday, 28 April 2016

Top six reasons why start ups should work from coworking office spaces

Coworking is a concept of sharing office space with other people. It is surprising to know the benefit s of working from coworking spaces.  Let me put some light on the benefits of working from coworking spaces.
Top six benefits of working from co working spaces.

1) Low cost: Renting a office space is a expensive affair. Most of the start-ups, so, find it difficult to rent the whole office. But working from coworking spaces becomes very economical since the office rent is shared among all the people working from there.

2) Helps in business acceleration:  Coworking spaces helps the start ups in many ways like, giving mentorship, getting investors, helps in hiring, helps in product launch and accounting etc.

3) Facilities: Normally co working spaces are equipped with all the facilities like internet, printer, scanner, meeting rooms, power back which can be utilized by the start ups when needed.

4) Mutual benefits:  Coworking spaces are start ups hub and so there is a high chance of getting mutually benefits from each other with their work skills.

5) Chance of collaboration:  There is always a good opportunity to get into collaboration with other start ups and companies.

6) End of boredom: Working from home every day can be boring and non productive. Working from Coworking office spaces can help home base workers to get rid of isolation and boredom.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

5 Tips for Networking in Co Working Spaces

Going to Co-Working Spaces is simply not to work, but it has much more to add the positives of the place. There are a lot of opportunities to grow your business through networking especially in these shared office spaces that will promise you with lot of avenues and great prospects. It is very important to explore the business acumen and spread the word to those around about your work that can simply create wonders.
Here are 5 tips that you should follow to grow your networking at these shared office spaces:

Ask For a Coffee Date
Just like you are planning your date with your beloved, you need to prepare yourself in a conversational tone to ask her for out for coffee, in a similar manner, you need to be bit conversational while asking the fellow entrepreneurs to go out for coffee with you. It is best observed that the best business deals crack over coffee. Apart from it just to begin a conversation you can simply ask the members about their period of working in the Co-Working scenario and take the conversation along with it.
2                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Swap The Business Services
Another great thing that you can do is to grow out your business networking is by swapping the services. A proper coordination can help you fetch a project for yourself and can get you earn lot of profits. If you are into online marketing and the other person sharing the office space with you into graphics then both of you can help each other in your business and can gain lot of productivity for yourself.

3    Impart Knowledge
    Though it is not recommended to share your trade secrets with anyone but what you can do is to share the knowledge and intellect that you possess among the other co-worker to help him/her gain good results in their work. It is very necessary to help and collaborate with other fellow people.

4    Give a personalized touch to the useful materials
    Staplers, stationary, clips, pins etc are some of the most useful material that can add the spirit of networking within you. What you can do is to make the personalized junction to all these things that will help you reach out to your fellow co-workers quite easily and effectively.
5    Attend the Co-Working Events

From time to time, there are lot of networking events that are organized by the in house team at the Co- Working Spaces that should be enjoyed as you are able to enhance your communication and networking skills through these events and are also able to meet so many people.