Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Why Coworking is the Right Option for Your Startup Company?

If you are a start-up company or a team of professionals working together to promote your unique business concept, one of the major issues that you might face is finding a collaborative environment to interact, network and increase your productivity.

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Although getting a brand new office replete with plush leather sofas and other amenities may sound alluring, we’re all aware of the many liabilities that are associated with such a place. This may include everything from expensive monthly rentals to electricity bills, internet, furniture cost, insurance etc., and not to mention the long-term commitment that you will need to take on.

Many people also choose different meeting spaces like hotels, clubs, cafes and restaurants to interact with their clients and other people for business dealings. This might offer some kind of flexibility but often you’ll end up paying more than you intended to. Working from your own home or basement is also not a viable option for many, as you will be unable to communicate a professional vibe with your clients. Whichever option you try, you’ll find the need of a permanent professional space at some point or the other.

For an increasing number of start-ups, SMEs and small businesses, the answer to all the above issues is a professional coworking space like Bangalore Coworking Hub to promote your business. Our coworking incubator offers start-ups, freelancers, contractors, and solo entrepreneurs a collaborative, flexible and connective environment to shape their businesses and take it to the next level.

Read on to find why Coworking is the right option for your business:

A Way to Save: It is a known fact that early-stage businesses and start-ups are often strapped for investment and are searching for ways to bring down their business overheads. By availing the services of coworking platforms, you will be able to bring down your business liabilities while still enjoying a professional work environment in a major business area.

Amenities: You will also be able to gain access to other coworking office services like free Wi-Fi, security services, scanner, copy machine and fax machine in such platforms as part of your membership benefits.

Spontaneous Networking: It is imperative to understand that coworking offices are not rented places but are valuable services as members get privy to a host of additional benefits as well. Most important among all are the spontaneous collaborations in the form of sudden interactions and chats with other fellow coworking entrepreneurs in the platform.

Coworking incubators like Bangalore Coworking Hub are the center for start-up networking and brainstorming sessions. Such random conversations and interactions can often lead to major collaborations later, leading you to places you wouldn't have been able to go if you were working by yourself in isolation. Hence, it is extremely important for small businesses and start-ups to be associated with such a community for their growth and not just compare the place with the per seat value only.

Flexibility: One of the key factors in coworking spaces is flexibility. Whether you are looking for long-term or short term membership options, it’s there for you. You will also be able to adjust the membership numbers based on the budget of your company.

Additional Perks: Some co-working spaces like Bangalore Coworking Hub also offer members a host of additional benefits and programs to help members’ businesses grow. This includes frequent networking events, gatherings and training sessions tailored around topics of interest to the members. Such programs can make a big difference to some businesses.

Sourcing Talent: Working in a coworking platform also provides the perfect opportunity to look for new talents within the community for your own business. You can also interact with fellow coworkers and further your business by adding new service areas and business modules. 

Starting your own business is not a picnic as it is associated with high stress and risk levels. By associating with such a collaborative and flexible community, you will be able to get considerable relief and support to boost your entrepreneurial endeavors.