Friday, 29 August 2014

How Coworking Offices are Changing the Way We Work

Say goodbye to café houses, your kitchen countertops and offices for working as the culture of coworking is fast developing as a viable option for both entrepreneurs, independent workers as well as organizations and small businesses to get things done.

Earlier, freelancers and independent workers faced great barriers while trying to identify places to work – usually ending by hopping from one coffee house to another for client meetings and then finally getting the work done  from their home or from a library.

Well, enter coworking – your one-stop solution for all your workspace woes. The concept of coworking basically involves people from different work sectors and industry areas coming together and working in a collaborative work environment. Sharedoffice communities like the Bangalore Coworking Hub even offers the option of arranging team meetings and client meetings in their conference rooms to promote increased productivity.

You may say that with a virtual office space, you get the same benefits of a prestigious business address and a meeting space when you need it. However, coworking offices take this idea a few steps further by offering you one or more of the following benefits-
  • Professional Work Space for you and your team
  • Low cost for the physical workspace
  • High speed internet facilities
  • Meeting and conference facilities
  • Power backup
  • Collaborative work environment for interaction and networking with fellow coworkers
  • Opportunities for business
  • Security Services
  • Regular office cleaning services, and much more.

Thus, it is seen that the benefits of coworking in increased productivity, cost saving and overall happiness and well-being is much more as compared to a traditional office or a home office. Besides this, shared offices, being a hub for startup companies and emerging entrepreneurs are abuzz with enthusiasm and creativity – which often becomes contagious and diversify within the work environment.

It is but natural that when you are sharing a physical work space with other like-minded individuals who are working hard to make it big and progress in life, you are often motivated which, in turn, leads to an acceleration in your own personal work efforts. Moreover, such communities are often the attraction points for larger businesses and conglomerates to search for talents and new ideas and who knows, when you particular business concept might attract the interest of such an organization for investment!

Thus, coworking offices like the Bangalore Coworking Hub provide coworkers a tremendous opportunity to think outside the box and progress in a competitive market, while at the same time, helping them to lower their business overheads and liabilities.