Monday, 13 October 2014

Tips to Promote Your Business in a Coworking Office Space

Working out of a coworking office space to attend to your client meetings and build up a team is a great way to leverage your business and be more productive. However, you can achieve much more than that as a collaborative coworking space like the Bangalore Coworking Hub can give you immense opportunity to grow your business.

In today’s competitive world, every business is looking for new and innovative ways to market their products and services. Shared offices can serve as a great medium for networking with your potential clients and spreading awareness about your business. Read on to find some useful tips for promoting your business in a coworking office space:

Initiating Conversations
This basically means getting to know other coworkers or coworking members in the shared office community. By interacting with other members, you might be able to expand your reach in your target client market. Thus, instead of direct pitching and having sales conversation, you can network by bonding over a cup of coffee or talking about common business interest. This way the trust factor is also being initiated with the members which is very important for business relations.

Promoting Work Trade
Another great benefit of operating out of a coworking space is that you can initiate a work trade offer with other members. For instance, if you are a content writer and another member designs websites, you can suggest to swap services so that you can offer clients a complete online solution. The benefit of such an approach is that there is a possibility of a broader reach as other members of the co-working space might hear about your services.

Knowledge Sharing
The concept of coworking is about collaboration, interaction and openness. This doesn’t imply that you share your trade secrets with your coworkers but sharing your knowledge to help them, you might also gain future benefits from them. In such spaces, it’s highly likely that at some point you’ll be on the receiving end of useful knowledge.

Conducting Meetups

Another major networking benefit of being a part of a coworking community like the Bangalore Coworking Hub is that you will be able to organize events and meetups. This is vital as such events will help you to network with similar minded individuals and build relationships with potential clients.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

How Shared Office Spaces Can Really Help Your Business?

Few years back, there was a time when start-up companies, freelancers and indie consultants were seen struggling for a professional work space. They were mostly seen working out of a small work space at home or were seen struggling for space at the local coffee shop. The need for a physical location that is zoned for business was immensely felt as a professional work environment speaks volumes about the credibility of your company and its operation module.

However, thanks to coworking office spaces like the Bangalore Coworking Hub, things have changed for the better. Such shared office spaces are today much more than resources and is regarded as a community where people have opportunities to interact and network. According to Forbes, coworking spaces across the world have increased by a massive 400 percent in the last 2 years and this itself is an indication of its impact over the start-up community.

Read on to know how shared office spaces can actually help your business to grow especially during the early stages of the business credit building process:

Help Find the Right People
One thing that all entrepreneurs and indie workers face while working out of their home is isolation. But with coworking, you are surrounded by tons of similar minded individuals who are passionate to make their dreams come true. This acts like a support system and a network of people who you can instantly ask advice from anytime. Moreover, such shared office spaces are not only the hub for innovators and other inspiring independent business owners but also the focal point of interest for investors. You never know when you could be rubbing shoulders with your future business co-partner or your next investor in your coworking community.

Shared Facilities
During the initial growth phase of your business, when you are struggling to keep your liabilities low, such shared office spaces like the Bangalore Coworking Hub can help you immensely. In such communities, you have the option of keeping your business cost low by sharing facilities with other start-ups such as internet, power back-up, security services, and cleaning services and so on.

An important benefit of operating out of a coworking office space is flexibility. Very often, it becomes difficult for businesses to predict accurately their headcount figures during the initial few years of establishment. A shared office space can help you with the required physical work space without being tied down to any long-term contracts. You only have to pay for the actual number of member seats that you opt for. You also have the flexibility of increasing or decreasing the number of seats according to your requirements.

Coworkers also have the facility of accessing important facilities that can help in their business growth such as conference rooms, air-conditioning, high-speed broadband and secretarial assistants.