Friday, 18 September 2015

Why to prefer Co Working Spaces over Cafes

It feels good when you are out for work. Coffee shops are one such place where freelancers head out to, where they can work with a cup of coffee on the table and a lively bustling world around. Working in a place like this somethimes rather than your regular workspace can be a welcome change. You get good Wi-Fi connection there, varities of food and beverages and a variety of people around.  It can be motivating and relaxing. We can say that  it has become a culture now, to look up for a coffee shop nearby and go there to complete your work.
Coffee shops do have their fair share of problems. Situations and perceptions differ  for everyone. Some people prefer coworking spaces to working from Coffee shops. Here are some reasons as to why people prefer coworking spaces over cafes.

The Café Environment
A coffee shop seems to be a nice place but at times can be very disturbing for the freelancers working there enjoying their coffee. The hustle bustle of the crowd, loud conversation or the music playing in the café can be a distraction. Whereas in co working places, you are surrounded by people who are working professionals, more likely to maintain a calm working demeanor and less likely to cause any disturbance. The environment in a coworking place can give you a feeling of professional worker/employee.

The Professional Connect
When you are stuck at a point and you need some help, the café is surely not a place where you can look around for people who might help. But when you are in a coworking space you are more likely to find someone who can help you out in solving your problem. It also surely increases chances of finding people with whom you can discuss, debate and connect professionally.

The Comfort

Coworking places have all the advantages of an office such as a reliable internet connection, sufficient power outlets and a proper desk to work on. Security concerns are much less here unlike a café where you would have to think of a lot of ways to safeguard your belongings before you head out to the restroom. You might also find facilities such as fax and a printer/copier at such locations. Even though the idea of working on a plush couch in a café sounds interesting, coworking spaces have much more to offer for a working professional.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Why Co Working Spaces are a best choice for Entrepreneurs

Startups are spurting out around every corner these days. Endeavour of entrepreneurship calls for a million things to co-function together; be it bringing likeminded people together, choosing an apt environment or gathering resources. A co-working place chops down these one million tensions to one and allows you to concentrate on your core business.

Cost-effective- You can rent out a place on hourly basis or as per the number of individuals. You can also avail the commercial space on specific weekdays. The lender can run the place for 24*7 and generate returns. And the leaser can have access to the place at an economical rate. So it’s a win-win situation for both.

Elasticity- Multiple shifts are synchronized to help the employees find balance between their personal and professional needs. The trend of 9-5 working schedule is speculated as obsolete by the youngsters today. They are looking out for business enterprise which allows them flexible work timings. Most of the Entrepreneurs, freelancers, part-time workers are also engaged in regular job alongside. These individuals look out for places they can rent out over weekends for certain hours a day.

Tech Support and Resources- A high volume high speed internet connectivity, yes that the fundamental need of any working professional not just entrepreneurs, then you need apt temperature, power backup, stationary, cafeteria, table, light, printers, etc, etc. Yes this list is endless and a co-working space saves your time you spend on gathering this stuff.  No wonder trim down the hindrances to your work, your productivity elevates.

Essence of professionalism- It’s easy forpeople to believe in you when, you present professional ethics and follow a standard work culture. Co working spaces will also provide you with letter heads, fliers, and labels to help you form the brand name of your business. A good work culture and backup of resources ensures the consistency, and on-time delivery of your work. The state of art project management calls for an apt work place. And a satisfied clientele is your staircase to paced success.

These lucrative pros of a co-working place must not camouflage the cons that you need to avoid. So you just need to make some precautionary investigations before you start signing for a place. Do make sure you get along with the culture of people already working over there. And the place provides you fully fledged support in terms of resources. And then you are all set to leave imprints of success on the sands of time. 

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Five Advantages of Coworking Spaces

With time, the idea of a workspace has evolved leaps and bounds. With the advent of fields such as Information Technology, globalization of corporates, multinational conglomerates, the workspace has been continuously adapting to the new challenges such as geographic separations, growing cities, transportation, infrastructure and so on. Corporates around the world are battling with problems such as loss of talented workforce, higher operating costs and tougher reorganizations due to geographical limitations.

Coworking is a trending work culture where employees work under a common workspace while not all of the employees necessarily have the same employer. These places have all the facilities of a typical workspace such as internet connectivity, optional meeting spaces and employee safety measures. A study indicates that coworking spaces are attractive to work from home professionals, people whose work involves frequent travels and individual contributors. Listed down are the five advantages of Coworking spaces

1: Work life balance
 Companies can decide on coworking areas for their employees based on the location which would be most convenient for them. This not only reduces time wasted in travel but also encourages the employees working from home to come to these places so that they can avoid probable power cuts, connectivity issues and distractions at their homes. Another advantage would be flexible timing, which would surely increase productivity as employees can develop their own personal schedules which they can adhere to.

2: Operation flexibility
Organizations can be more flexible in they way they operate. Decisions such as closing down a workspace, moving the workspace to a new city always has happy and unhappy employees. Coworking spaces can solve this problem by providing space for a team unwilling to relocate, working from the place of their choice and the company is kept from probable losses and losing their workforce.

3: Reduced costs
Employees surely benefit from the bankable connectivity, convenience of location and travel with coworking spaces. These spaces cost the companies much less than a big office would while still providing all the facilities for the smaller workforce.

4: Socializing
This definitely encourages employees to socialize more, interact professionally and personally with different people rather than working alone or from home where you stay with your family. The organization can also gain from the improved insights of the employee and meeting people other than coworkers at the workspace has been proved to boost productivity.

5: Growth
Coworking spaces are proven to increase the technical and business awareness of the employees and also nourish their ideas and keep them motivated. Companies on the other hand are more likely to find new clients and strike business partnerships

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Co working Spaces are a valuable asset for startups

Expedition of an entrepreneur starts as a bootstrapper.  The phenomenon of Infused co-working spaces is emerging out as an effective success mantra for the start-ups these days.

1.       It brings out the motivated enthusiast in you- Start-ups have always been a battle field of survival and sustainability. And with million things crawling in your head as an entrepreneur, there is a high possibility that you may coop down yourself locked in your cabin, all day long. But then, Co-working spaces save you from this loneliness, and brings out the highly-spirited individual in you.
2.       Ball game of Networking, Interactions, connections and experiences- You get a chance to work around professionals from the same industry and sector and connect. You get chances to interact with like-minded entrepreneurs and learn from their experiences. And one of them someday might turn out to be the future investor or business partner or ally. It allows you to strategize better, as you gradually pick the nuances of the trade. It opens up to you a wide spectrum of opinions, insights, responses and feedbacks.
3.       A penny saved is a penny earned- Co-working spaces are like affordable places  in your budget and opens the door for better investments. In the struggling days of your business you need to cut down on expenses for higher profit margins and returns. At your ease you can sign the contract for days to months with all the relevant amenities like printers, fax machines, meeting rooms, cafeterias, etc.
4.       Access to diverse skill set- As you meet highly talented people and experts  in different field, you develop references and doors for opportunities. And it brushes your communication skills. Entrepreneurs from such spaces are noted to be better managers, presenters, orators, listeners and thinkers.
5.       Make your work your hobby- A relaxed home like environment boosts the confidence level, lowers the stress out of work-pressure which is reflected in efficiency levels.
Locating apposite Co-working Spaces
Co-working spaces are the revolutionary trend booming amongst the start-ups novice entrepreneurs. A quick Google search, seminars, weekly events and networking sessions will bring you to the apt local co-working space.
Watch out for a place with good community, sufficient space and people. You need to bear in mind that a place you choose provides you with all the facilities and support you will need through your stay over there.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

4 Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing An Office For Hourly Basis

Compared to the previous decades, working mechanisms and trends in the corporate world has changed a lot. Things have become much more flexible and companies, especially small and midsized ones, have become open to adopt new strategies to enhance productivity and retain a workforce. This explains why a section of organizations have drifted apart from the age –old traditional 9-5 workplace schedule. Multiple shifts are being used in entities to help the employees find balance between their lives and company needs.

These changes in mindset have paved way for rise of co-working spaces worldwide. There are several advantages the companies and their employees can obtain by using co-working spaces.
However, there are a few things you should remember when opting for co-working spaces:
·         Flexibility of operations- For any company seeking growth, flexibility is a prerequisite. When choosing a co-working space setup, analyse if it allows your company to operate with ease and adapt to changes in team size.
·         Enhanced professional and social networking- When you work in a shared workspace facility, interaction with co workers and people is inevitable. While you may not bond well with everyone, it is very likely that you will find some people who may be of use professionally in the long run. So, try to find out the number of people working there and how many start-ups are sharing the space!
·         Reduced overhead costs- For small business owners and start-ups, opting for a shared workspace makes sense. In such setups, you need not bother much about incurring overhead costs. So, you will need to find out how many facilities like wireless internet and printing can be availed in such setups at low cost.
·         Suitable timing- You may not feel like adhering to regular work hours. Therefore, it is important that you find shared workspace that enables you to work at your preferred timing.
Other aspects to keep in mind
Before you opt for a co-working space, analyse your business needs well. In such workspaces, a few limitations may exist. A shared workspace might be noisier than what you like and a few people around may be difficult to get along with! However, these minor issues are not necessarily deal breakers if you find the aforementioned advantages in such a setup.