Monday, 22 September 2014

Escape the Coffee Table Office by Joining the Coworking Community

So you're a startup, freelancer or an independant consultant and find that you can easily locate a table and an internet connection for your work at your nearest coffee store or internet cafe. 

But does such a work environment fulfill all your professional requirements? Be part of a global support system by embracing the coworking concept for your business. Coworking spaces like the Bangalore Coworking Hub understand that the start-up and freelancing community can achieve much more by working together rather than solely operating through a home office or a coffee shop. 

So, how does such a shared office environment differ from the standard coffee shop or internet cafe? What additional benefits does such a start-up office space provide that can help you leverage your business to new heights? Read On –

Work-Life Balance

One of the primary advantages of joining a coworking office space is that it helps to maintain a stable work-life balance. Unlike home offices wherein you are constantly trying to avoid any kind of personal distractions, a shared office environment clearly helps you to delineate the parts of your life that you use for professional and personal matters.

Sense of Belonging to a Community

Many times working independently or freelancing creates a sense of loneliness. It is true that it's always nice to work for yourself and not in a traditional office space, but while doing so, we sometimes crave to be part of some form of community that gives us a sense of belonging. Coworking helps you to find just that wherein you get to work with other like-minded individuals in a collaborative and flexible office space.

Boost in Self Confidence

According to Deskmag, freelancers who work out of a coworking office find that their social as well as business networks have increased (94% and 88% respectively). Due to such advantages, coworkers are said to feel more self-confident since joining such a facility. Such benefits would not be there when startups or freelancers operate out of a coffee store or cyber cafe.

Professional Meeting Rooms

Most coworking spaces like the Bangalore Coworking Hub offer meeting rooms and conference rooms for the coworkers to conduct client meetings, team meetings etc. This is certainly a step up from discussing your work plans with your prospects from your home or the coffee shop thereby helping you to step up your professional game.

Apart from the above mentioned, there are many other benefits as well while operating out of a coworking space like networking with other potential clients, security services for your belongings, dedicated work seats with appropriate furniture and much more.

Monday, 15 September 2014

The Many Benefits and Flexibilities of Coworking at Night

Do you find that it’s easier for you to work and be more productive during the evenings? Are you among those people who find it difficult to rise early in the morning and concentrate on your work? 

If that’s the case, the chances are that you’re a night owl who prefers to stay up late and work when everyone else sleeps. Although there are some who argue that working early is the best way to concentrate on your tasks, night-owls enjoy many benefits as well. This is especially beneficial for those companies, businesses or entrepreneurs who have to work across time-zones and interact with clients from different geographical locations.

Check out some of the many benefits that night coworkers at flexible shared offices like the Bangalore Coworking Hub enjoy:

Lesser Distractions
One of the obvious benefits of coworking at night is that you can get the job done with fewer distractions. Due to the calm environment at night, you are able to avoid different distractions like phone calls and outside noise and thus get your work done quickly and calmly.

Work across Time Zones
As mentioned earlier, one of the prime benefits of working in the night shift is that you are able to handle clients and meetings across different time zones and countries. Whether on Skype calls, conference calls or any other forms of communication channels, you can easily interact with people from different parts of the world and this, in turn, will help you to expand your business reach.

Less Traffic
How many of us rush in the morning hoping to escape the long hours of traffic jams to reach to our workplace? By opting for a night coworking sift, you will be easily able to avoid the stress of being late for work owing to traffic congestion.

Fitting Family Schedule
Unlike common notions, night shifts doesn’t affect your family and social life. In fact, according to Forbes, night coworking shift best suits those who need to take care of their children during the day and thus avoid shelling big amounts on a babysitter. As long as you completed the normal hours of sleep, you will find that night shift works well and fits into your personal schedule without affecting your health.

So, leverage your business and increase your productivity levels by opting for night coworking at professional shared office space like the Bangalore Coworking Hub.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Making the Most of a Coworking Office – Find out How

Started your freelancing or consulting career recently and wondering what your best investment could be? A coworking membership can be your best call as you not only get a professional work space but also the opportunity to work with other like-minded individuals. As such, you're presented with numerous opportunities to network, collaborate and leverage your business. Whether you are a start-up company, an independent consultant or a freelancer, there are in-numerous benefits of being a part of a coworking community like Bangalore Coworking Hub.

However, if you're expecting to just join such a collaborative coworking community and expect all these benefits without even trying, then it's important for you to rethink your business model once again. It is important to understand that being a part of such a community requires a little more effort and you can't expect to just show up and expect the interaction to happen automatically.

Read on to find out more about how you can make the most out of your coworking or shared office space:

Interact and Get Social

Make it a habit to meeting new people and interact with them at the shared office space. It is not sufficient to just come to office and sit down to work. By being part of such social get-togethers, you can get to know about other entrepreneurs and discuss new ideas as well. You never know what new opportunities will be presented to you through such interactions. Such spaces are the hub of the startup and entrepreneur scene which attracts people who are creative and passionate about business. So, make the most out of it today!

Make Your Voice Heard

At such a collaborative community, there are many people with new and interesting ideas just like you. The trick is to make yourself heard during the events that take place at the space. You can also host startup events such as a hack-a-thon, a meetup or a coworking night with the help of the coworking community manager where you can discuss opportunities to collaborate with others.

Great Business Opportunities
A shared office space is much more than just a physical area where you and your team can work. It can be the official identity of your business - a place where you can bring your prospects for meetings giving you a better chance to convert them into new customers. This will give your business a professional touch which cannot be found while working out of a cyber cafe or from your home.

So, if you are just a startup or an established business trying to find creativity outside the cubicle, then coworking offices such as the Bangalore Coworking Hub is your best bet. Take the advantage of the above mentioned perks and shape your experience and business by joining a coworking community.