Friday, 20 February 2015

Book your own office space 24/7 with Co-working spaces

Co-working is a new concept that allows people to plug in at an office facility when working from home. In fact, this is a way to build productive environment and achieve good results in your business. If you want your business to look more professional, enhance your productivity and ease your boredom from working all alone at home, renting a shared office space can be the ideal solution to all your needs.

Check the necessity
Let’s get into reality. If you are a person with a startup business, booking your own office space might be a big hurdle. You will have to shell out money for the initial infrastructure to your workplace which includes furniture and other accessories. However, most of the co-working spaces provide all these facilities starting from furniture to secure storage facilities and from ample parking spaces to your working location in prime business area. You might have some client who would be able to meet you during the odd business hours. It is your responsibility to give them a professional environment at work space and make them feel comfortable so that they would be able to initiate business talk. Hence, it is necessary to find a co-working space which would offer services round the clock.
Choose the right co-working space
Remember that not all working places are same. There will be some working spaces which would fulfill all your requirements while there are also some work spaces lacking some of the most key elements that you need. Therefore, you need to make sure that you select the right working space and here are few tips for you to consider before you make a wise decision.
Location:  Apart from having a fancy address on your business card, you need to consider the accessibility and safety of that particular location. Always go for a workplace which is located near transport links. This would ensure that your clients can contact you at any point of time.
Basic amenities: While few of the co-working spaces provide all kinds of basic amenities, it is always necessary to check the extra benefits that you gain. Ensure that you have a safe and secure Wi-Fi internet connection. Checked whether they have a functional conference or board room. This is really necessary because you need to initiate business conversation in a professional environment. Few co-working spaces also provide with couches and cots for you to relax in case you are tired.

Functional Hours: Most of the co-working spaces do not operate 24/7. Hence, you need to check the working space which is open all the time to meet your business requirements. Even after you find such workplace, check if the services offered are same even during the off business hours.

What are the Benefits of 24*7 Co Working Spaces?

A co working space is not just getting out of an unhealthy work situation, but also it is a source of inspiration, collaboration, networking, making new colleagues and getting work done quickly. The evolution of co working spaces continues to attain momentum as it takes off with developers, writers and many others who like working at home but who do not like to be cut off from the world completely. Taking the space of a stereotypical coffee shop as the entrepreneur’s office, co working spaces were initially because they offered an alternative workspace, away from home. In fact co working spaces are like a giant brainstorming session, offering new ideas all the day and every day.
Here are few of the potential benefits of 24*7 co working spaces.

Ø  A way to meet potential clients and build relations: Coworking space is an instant community for professionals. This gives you a benefit of being around with many other professionals and potential clients who can help generate business for you. Most of the potential clients and business professionals would visit these 24*7 co working spaces to complete their work without any disturbance.

Ø  Proper meeting space: Bringing your client to a coffee shop a couple of times is acceptable, but eventually you need to show the client that you are credible. With most of the co working spaces allocated with conference rooms, this allows your business to appear more credible, as meeting your potential client in a conference room sounds more professional rather than a coffee shop. You can meet the clients at this 24*7 co working spaces depending upon the client’s free time.

Ø  Any time office: One of the main advantages of 24*7 co working space is that you can walk into the work space at  any time during day or night and indulge in your work. Sometimes there might be a dead line for an article writer and he can use this working space in order to meet his deadline.

Ø  Shared facilities: Besides having a shared conference room, co working spaces also provides access to few other shared spaces like Wi-Fi, fax, kitchen area etc. At any point of time of the day these resources are available

Ø  Microcosms of new economic structure: Co working spaces are great breeding ground for true capitalism. The entrepreneurs in the co working space contribute to each other’s economy and take positive steps into creating strong and sustainable businesses.

Ø  Knowledge hub: Another gain from co working is that the worker not only gets a resourceful place to work but also a place to share opinions and ideas. Taking the inputs from the experienced workers helps him understand the economy in a better way. In fact these spaces give works a feel of how working together can be more productive and dynamic. 

Friday, 6 February 2015

Co- Working Spaces Enhances Creativity

Leaving behind the trail of coffees and sandwiches   the entrepreneurs are now opting up for the Co-Working spaces which is soon gearing up bringing creative people from all walks of life together . As more and more people interact together these shared office spaces offers a great   variety of thoughts and ideas  within people and helps in bringing productivity  to one’s business .

How Creativity is Created at Co –Working Spaces?
It is believed that it is a place that reflects the working of an organization   . In the traditional office space people are working in the parameters of time limits and are confined to do a one task at one point of time. At the same time if one is working at home then the person has to face problems of loneliness and the mind often gets distracted with the daily chores of the day . But with Co Working Space as an option when can easily have a space to work at the time suitable to the person. All the basic facilities are being provided at these shared offices and  a person can enjoy great speed of internet through which the services can be performed at greater levels .
One is able to have great level of interactions with people around where exchange in different ideas will easily take place . One is able to achieve great growth with these shared ideas and can reach to greater heights. Being Creative is an art but staying creative is only possible if you have a proper environment which is produced at these office places.
With a lot of discussions about innovations and discoveries among the entrepreneurs at the Co Working spaces creativity is automatically created and reproduced from time to time thus making your mind stay in creative atmosphere.
 Collaboration gives Space to Creativity

Co Working spaces break the barriers and imparts the collaborative atmosphere wherein all the entrepreneurs find a space to collaborate together and work on an idea in a completely new manner . Thus creation is born with these measures . The atmosphere of the place is a conjugal one thus producing  more and more growth.  A certain kind of inspired work  is developed when different people come together and are able to take insight from other people from different fields too. This provides a vast level of  knowledge , experience ,  ideas and feedbacks .

How Co-Working Spaces are Changing the work culture?

An office space is one of the most significant places that define an extended work culture of an organization. With almost over a decade in the changing patterns of organizations and new start ups coming the working spaces too have changed. Co-Working Spaces are the new office spaces which provides all the facilities to these young budding entrepreneurs.
With the coming up of these shared spaces the work culture scenario too is changing that boosts up the confidence and  helps in increasing the productivity of an organization. There are lot of significant changes that can be perceived with the change in the trends of the work culture.

·         More Creativity Is Introduced:  As in the Co-working space alot of people from different industries are working together sharing the same space there is constant splurge of creativity that flows throughout the day. A lot of new ideas and innovations are  introduced in the place thus  adding a tinge of creativity in your working policies and conditions. Your staff too is able to gain lot of positives .
Many business entrepreneurs, budding freelancers , business persons are coming  together and lot of discussions takes place at the Co-Working spaces that helps in inducing growth for the organization.

·         Expertise are with you: As in the Co –Working Spaces people from different backgrounds are working together one can easily find the best resources for their work. You don’t need to hire a person to do a job a person sitting just next to you can easily do the work at a short expense and at affordable rates. One doesn’t have to go for a rigorous recruitment drives to gain an expertise for the work.

·         Great Amount of  Productivity : As lot of  likeminded people become a part of a social circle with whom one interacts everyday one is able to gain a great productivity  in one’s business. Even though all of the people working in the shared spaces are not hailing from the same background one is able to gain experience and lot of help in one’s business from these people. At Co-working spaces as there are no time limit and no conventional working hours one is able to work according to their own convenient time and can therefore productivity will always be at large whenever   you carry out the work .

Hence Co-Working is changing the conventional form of working thus bringing a turn over a work culture.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

How to select co working space for night shift?

Having a work schedule apart from the conventional time of 9 -5 is becoming a new concept of working in India with a lot of people having UK and US clients for whom they outsource a lot of projects. Finding  an office space under the moon lightening is quite a challenge . Specially for start-ups finding an office at affordable rates during a night shift is the most sought after place.
A lot of Co-working hubs though have introduced night shift plans in their services Bangalore Co-Working Hub being one of them , there are lot of parameters that should be looked after while you are planning to select a co working space for night shifts.

·         Safety should be at Priority: One of the major things that should be considered while you are opting for a co working space during shift is the safety concerns. You need to check whether proper measures of safety is available as an option at the place or not. With the increase of threat on the females sanctity you should ensure the place should be providing safety to both the male and female staff . Without safety you won’t be able to secure your work.

·         Availability Of Food: As during the night time all the food outlets are closed. There are very less options of 24*7  stores in the country and in a particular city . As people who have to woke up the whole night will feel hungry as well as need the beverages like tea/coffee in the major quantity , it is a most important thing that the place which you are deciding to carry out your  working activity should have the basic facility of whole foods to satiate the stomachs of your employees.

This will enhance the productivity of work and your employees too won’t  have to go out to far off places to have food .
·         Good Amount of Wifi Speed:  The most important thing that needs to be worked upon is the fact that what is the speed of the internet connection. As during nights the speed increases it is essential   to look that how much internet  speed is provided by the shared space to you .
Provision of beds , sleeping coaches , rest rooms: As night is a time when people become more sleepy  and they need a little rest as a break from their work. Those start-ups working in night shifts should check a place which provides  beds, coaches, rest chairs , rest rooms etc .

Sunday, 1 February 2015

3 Benefits of Using Coworking Space at Night

Imagine an office space working beyond the conventional 9-5 time job scenario. Normally it’s your bed or the study room that acts as an office for you to burn your midnight oil as all the coffee houses where you work during the day are shut down at night. But with the coming of the culture of Co-working office spaces you can easily find a lot of spacesto work during the night giving a boost to your business.

A lot of shared offices provides this facility of opening up during night to facilitate the young entrepreneur‘s working and helping him/her to burn the midnight oil under moon lightening. Bangalore Co Working Hub being one such space that provides night working services to start-ups in the city of Bangalore. There are lot of benefits to use these Co-Working spaces especially during the night.

1)      Avoiding Loneliness:  It is often seen that specially during the night the whole family goes off to sleep and you being the only sole member working at night to turn your dream into reality have to encounter loneliness. There are thoughts of sleep that keeps on hovering your mind thus declining your growth.  But by working at these shared office spacesyou will find a lot of alike people and thus it provides a platform to enhance growth and an atmosphere of work.

2)      Network Increases: Generally during the day due to the presence of more people at this co working places the bond between the peers is not as strong as you interact with lot of people and share a lot of ideas without concentrating on one at a time. Hence by the time the day is ended you forget about all those networking ideas in the pool of so many ideas. While working at night there are very limited people in the office that utilize night co-working services   and you can strengthen your bond as well as grow your network by sharing ideas in a much refined manner.

3)      Lesser  Disturbances: Working in a peaceful and quiet atmosphere is the best preference by every entrepreneur. During the day there are lot of hustle bustle of people chit chatting, lot of ringing calls, loud music etc but the culture of co-working space at night is very calm and serene. It will give more time to focus on your work with less amount of energy loss.

So by using the co working spaces at night you are bringing a real boon to your business.

Availability of all the necessary resources even during the night makes these places an abode of paradise for your business.