Our Address:

2124/ A, 2nd Floor, 6th Cross,
15th Main, HAL 3rd Stage,
Behind Leela Palace, Kodihalli,
Bangalore, Karnataka 560008

Mr. D. Pathak at +91-8638268507/ +91-8088468791

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  2. Dear D Pathak Adopt my 14 days course and you will be miles ahead of others !!


    Greetings. We just LinkedIn. In short, we, based in HK/China, are more than an incubator known for development of startups, angel investor, management consultant and advisor since 1994. In the main, we are international marketers presently selling in 38 countries on FOB HK/China basis. Addressing to startups/accelerators/angels in India, we wish to inform them that we finance (act as investors), scale up, market, manufacture, give guidance, etc thus making win-win situation for all parties involved. Our track record of 95+% success rate speak the truth achieved by strictly practicing the philosophy of ‘sell it before we build’ or ‘run the last mile first’ policy and we can validate our claims if need be. Simply, we walk and do not have time to talk and burn money.

    PROFIT/FURTHER DETAILS You have 3 options to share the profit being
     on royalty basis
     profit sharing basis
     partnership basis
    We are deliberately being brief here, but will explain in greater details once you show interest.

    14 DAYS COURSE WHICH CAN BE TAUGHT AT AN INCUBATOR/ACCELERATOR CONVERTING A STARTUP/STUDENT, ETC INTO AN ENTREPRENEUR/BUSINESSPERSON We operate an accelerator in China which runs an online/offline 14 days course teaching students/startup/’wannabe’ entrepreneur how to be an entrepreneur/businessperson. We intend to launch this course on global basis including India. Only our partners will have an access to teaching this 14 days course.

    OUR VISION IN INDIA We wish to promote our company’s forte in India by commercializing/scaling up Indian products/apps/startups via our sales channels of retailers like Wal-Mart, Tesco, etc in 38 countries + angels in USA/UK/HK/China.

    You become our partner whereby you can offer our services to your members/customers, etc. Simply, our forte is your forte.

    HOW YOU CAN REACH US UNTIL END AUGUST 2017 & THEN WE WILL BE BACK JAN 2018 FOR GOOD We are in Bangalore till end August (than back to HK until Dec 2017 and will re-visit India Jan 2018 when we will have 12 months presence in India). We can be contacted at mobiIe number +91 9066828672/ SKYPE anil.vora5/ whatsapp +2482507239/ e-mail address Our operation in India is new(started 1 August), now have one representative in Bangalore and are open for a few more representatives in other cities of India

    Further details can be sent once you show interest.

    Warm regards
    Priscilla Smith/Anil Vora
    Global Inventions Ltd(based in HK/California) (website is 95% completed. Be ready by 30 October 2017) (our associated company)
    SKYPE anil.vora5 WHATSAPP +248 2507239

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