Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Serviced Offices Can Help Entrepreneurs Save Initial Business Cost

If you are looking for flexible and affordable office solutions in a business centre for your start-up, then your best option is undoubtedly a serviced office. They prove to be quite a relief from the traditional office spaces in terms of expenses and renting options. Serviced offices such as the Bangalore Coworking Hub can be rented out on a monthly basis and all the facilities will be available to you readily. You wouldn't have to worry about keeping the office clean or stocking up your kitchen with food because all this will be taken care of for you. They are a simple working solution for businesses of all sizes, especially start-ups. The convenience and flexibility of such offices are making this option very attractive for new businesses in terms of saving costs.

So why should you opt for a serviced office? Here are some of the benefits which will prove to be most convenient.

  • Economical solution for low start-ups
  • Rent on short term basis
  • Impressive location at an affordable cost
  • Need admin services but don’t want to employ
  • Need premium facilities like meeting room and receptions but don’t want to pay full time for it
  • Require additional space for an unknown period
  • Company is expanding and needs a larger space
  • All furniture available readily 
Over traditional office spaces, serviced offices stand out because of the following factors:

Low Start-up Cost

Almost everything in a serviced office is paid for such as furniture, broadband connections, fax machines, telephone systems and so on. You would only be paying for the office and its maintenance. In such cases half of your stress is reduced and you can stop worrying about overhead expenditure. 

Wider Office Space

Serviced offices are generally located in large buildings with many spaces, so in case you decide to expand your office you can choose to in the same center without having to wait for any renovation work. The office will be made available to you readily.

Cost Effective

With serviced offices you require to pay the money for rent and maintenance only, all other expenses are taken care of for you. It is the most hassle free option for a new start-up because it helps them save a lot of the initial business cost.

High Spec Technology

Most serviced offices offer high spec technology like high speed broadband connections and the latest telephonic systems. So when they offer all this, you wouldn't have to worry about getting it done yourself. This ensures that you enjoy quality resources as an initial start-up.


Whether the office requires cleaning or people to fix the toilet block, the management is responsible for looking after it. You don’t have to break your head by employing people to do such work. It is a n easy and tension free alternative. You can remain focused on your work instead of these small issues.


Serviced offices are immediately available to be occupied with all the necessary furniture required. In the case of traditional offices it would take you a lot of time to set up your office therefore wasting time and money.

You know that a serviced office is the right option for you when your main aim is to save costs initially as a start-up. It is a proven fact that serviced offices such as the Bangalore Coworking Hub are 60% cheaper than traditional office spaces. So by saving that much money, you are allowing yourself to utilise that money in a better way for your business. 

Monday, 26 May 2014

Selecting the Right Office Space for Your Start-Up

As a start-up you have to face many challenges that are ahead of you. One of them includes deciding where you will place your employees. The traditional practices included renting a commercial real estate office. However that is not the only option you have today. With the introduction of the concept of co-working, start-ups have a gained fresh breath of air. Co-working spaces like the Bangalore Coworking Hub give you the opportunity to work with a wide community of individuals from diverse backgrounds. They prove to be the most cost effective option for start-ups. Instead of paying a large sum of amount for an individual office space you would rather opt for a co-working space for a much lesser price.

Apart from being cost effective, various other factors will allow you to see the variety of benefits associated with co-working. Here are a few factors which can provide a fresh perspective to your business on the long run:

  1. You have the benefit of meeting potential clients right inside your office. The fact that you share an office space with other businesses, gives you the opportunity to look for clients. You merely need to look to your left or right you will definitely find someone who will take interest in your business. 
  1. In a surrounding where you have many people of different industries, you can create a network with all these people. As a start-up you need to make contacts so that you can create awareness of your brand among other companies. 
  1. Co-working spaces always come with flexible options. You can rent out the space for how much ever time required. In traditional spaces you need to pay for a minimum amount of time which is usually one year. 
  1. With so many industries under one roof, you are bound to gain new knowledge every time you step in to the office. With such a diverse crowd, it won’t be hard to make new friends and increase your list of contacts. The more people are aware of you, the more awareness you create for your business. 
  1. The most obvious benefit is from the reduction of costs. Start-ups always begin with tight budgets so if you can save money just by using a co-working space, imagine the number of options you will have to expand your business. 
  1. When your employees mingle with people from different sectors they tend to get refreshed by the idea which in turn increases their productivity levels. They can even share ideas and get inspired by other employees. 
 With these numerous benefits, the convenient and practical option to go with here is definitely co-working spaces such as the Bangalore Coworking Hub providing flexible and professional shared office space for start-ups in Bangalore. It is undeniable that this concept is growing to be popular amongst many big companies as well today. The right approach with the right attitude, will aid in making this concept the best option for your business. There’s nothing more you can ask for when you get the right boost for your start-up. So make sure to adapt this practical solution for bigger benefits in the long run.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Shared Office Vs Home Office - 5 Benefits to Consider

Shared offices are the best alternatives to traditional office spaces, but some people may argue that home offices are a better option. Although home offices do have their share of advantages, shared offices tend to be a more practical and sustainable approach. Home offices do help in lowering transport costs and other liabilities. But what happens when your kids don’t respect your working space or you constantly have guests over during office timings? 

Such disruptions can result in low productivity and concentration. This is when you require a flexible shared office environment like Bangalore Coworking Hub. Our coworking office space helps start-ups, independent consultants and emerging businesses to increase their productivity and business efficiency while lowering their business costs. Though home offices seem very tempting at first, you eventually realize that your home and work life must be kept on two separate pedestals.

Shared offices have various attractive benefits that will surely make your work life more comfortable and focused. To give you a clearer picture here are a few reasons why working at home can be a menace:

  • Interruptions – When you are in your house working, there are bound to be constant distractions like unexpected guests or screaming kids. This can make you lose focus and time. 
  • Loneliness – You will be working alone without any social interactions about the work. Doing this can cause loneliness and result to low productivity. 
  • Lack of amenities – At home you will not have much storage space, conference rooms and any such facilities. This can cause you to limit your growth and inconvenience your company. 
Shared offices offer you a lot more benefits than home offices. They will boost up your confidence with the surrounding and help you focus more on your work. Check out these benefits to be convinced on this statement:

  1. Networking – When you are surrounded with colleagues of different professions, you can form a big network. Shared offices have people working from all sectors so you will be able to make more contacts, which can come in use for your future. In business, creating a network is very necessary if you want to put your company right out in to the market. You may just find your next client or investor sitting next you. 
  1. Group Solving – If you are stuck on a business problem, you can speak to a diverse number of people from your shared office space about it. This offers you the opportunity to informally collaborate on business issues. You even run your ideas by them to get honest criticisms about it so that you can modify it for the best. This would definitely not be possible in your home office. 
  1. Amenities – Shared offices offer you professional meeting spaces such as conference halls. Instead of setting up a clean background at home while video conferencing, you can sit face to face in a professional environment and discuss with clients. You may also end up meeting professional clients at your office. 
  1. Environment – With shared offices you will have the best working environment with minimal distractions. You can isolate yourself during work and get the opportunity to collaborate with different business owners. It will be a big relief for you considering the constant distractions at home. 
  1. Opportunities – A shared office space can spring opportunities at you at any time. For instance you might be offered a bigger job than your current one from the other business at your office. You will always have the chance of encountering huge and beneficial opportunities that will give your career a boost. 
So instead of locking yourself up in a closed environment and working you should consider an open and professional shared office space like Bangalore Coworking Hub for your business operations. The wide array of benefits will make your shared office experience worth all the trouble!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Business Cost Management with Shared Office Spaces

Every business has one prime area to consider when they begin their business operations: Constructive cost management. Viable solutions to reduce costs allow the company to avoid large overhead expenses and cash drain of capital. Your primary area of concern when it comes to cost is the office space. Ever businessman’s dream is to have an office in a prime location with all facilities and lower in cost. Well such dreams can be extremely heavy on your pockets unless it is a shared office space. Shared office spaces are relatively cheaper and come with all the amenities necessary. At Bangalore Coworking Hub, you will be able to best manage your business costs with our professional, cost-effective shared office space in Bangalore.

Being a smart, creative and cost effective option many people are actually opting for shared office spaces. Such an arrangement is most effective for a start-up due to their low capital amount. Let’s break it down and analyse how shared office spaces reduce our costs:

Prime Location- If you need to buy an office space in a prime business center it costs a lot of money. When you choose the shared office option, the cost becomes way lesser and you have the advantage of being situated in a prime area. Many offices choose a business location so that it is easier for clients to find them. Therefore, a shared office space can be very advantageous in this situation.

Share Facilities- In a shared office space you have many amenities such as lounge area, conference room, receptionist, kitchen and so on according to what you choose. So getting these facilities in an individual office space would drain out a lot of money but in shared office spaces you split the money with other companies.

Flexible Lease- In shared office spaces; you can pay the lease on a monthly, yearly or short term basis. When it comes to an individual office space, you will have to meet the requirements of the landlord and pay on time.

Apart from these cost related advantages, shared office spaces have various other benefits associated with them as well. Such added benefits increase the prospects for higher profits for the company too giving it quite an edge.

Marketing- Sharing a platform with other sectors of business, gives you the opportunity to market your business and in the process gain potential clients. The awareness of your company in the business environment will increase too. When your employees mingle with the other employees there will be conversations pertaining to the company, therefore indirectly branding your business.

Inspiration- As you work with a large and diverse crowd, you are bound to find inspiration and ideas for your business along the way. Even your employees will be inspired to work better, which will increase the productivity.

Productivity- When you tend to mingle around with a crowd consisting of people with different backgrounds and sectors, you will gain fresh perspectives on your ideas or work. It is always nice to run your ideas by fresh set of faces, so that you can receive a constructive opinion about it. By doing the employees will gain a better momentum and work ethic which will eventually benefit your company.

A shared office space like the Bangalore Coworking Hub will prove as a win-win concept for both you and your employees. So why not opt for this concept and reap the benefits on the long run? Not only is it a great cost management method but it is also a practical solution for your business.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

10 Ways How Coworking can Leverage or Benefit Your Career

Unless you have been living inside a box, you should definitely have an idea of the new global movement progressing in the corporate world: Co-working. Working from home or coffee shops can become a nuisance due to the abundant distractions all around, but working from a community office space can do wonders for your company. Co-working is that emerging phenomena, which provides an environment which is as flexible and diverse as a community.

Traditional offices have become a passé since the upcoming businesses prefer a more contemporary and wise approach to working. The difference between a traditional office and a coworking space like the Bangalore Coworking Hub is that the latter provides an extra push for you to be more productive. Our collaborative work community and shared office platform provides a range of amenities and benefits that can help to leverage your career to the next level. Let’s break it down for you so that you can see the larger picture:

1.       You will be able to build and expand your professional network. Just have a look around, the woman with glasses right beside you can be your next business client.

2.       When you are surrounded by creativity, it is bound to hook itself on to you. Watching creative people working around you will boost your necessity to come up with much more creative work.

3.       Rather than sitting at home and running by an idea across yourself, you will be delighted to present them to your fellow co-workers and gain fresh perspectives on them.

4.       Your productivity levels will hit the roof in such an environment rather than working in a rigid and monotonous traditional office space.

5.       Have you hit the roadblock in constructing an innovative design for your website? Don’t worry there may be many designers and writers working around you who will surely help you out!

6.       Has the workload been bogging you down lately? No worries, just head over to the lounge area for a chat with other people from other companies. This not only relaxes your mind but can also act as an energy booster.

7.       Having keen observational and listening skills can take you a long way. You don’t know when you may see or hear something inspirational which will give you the best ideas for your work. This is the benefit of mingling with people from different sectors, cultures and backgrounds.

8.         Does one of your co-workers define the perfect intelligent individual with amazing ideas? Then you can recommend him to the HR department for that competitive job offer they have been looking to put out. You may just increase your chances of a promotion or appreciation at the company.

9.        Sharing an office with colleagues of different potentials and companies, will help you widen your knowledge base. A wider knowledge base means greater ideas and a boost in confidence regarding your work.

10.   Last but not the least, in house promoting will draw in some attention and keep your boss smiling throughout. You can spread the word about your company and market it to a diverse audience. 

Today many companies try to make their office a better surrounding for their employees because they know how much it impacts the performance.  Instead of investing in redecorating your current office space, consider a collaborative and networking shared office platform like the Bangalore Coworking Hub for your business.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

How Shared Office Bangalore Will Benefit Start-ups and Businesses

Being touted as the next Silicon city, Bangalore has managed to elevate above the rest when it comes to the establishment of start-ups. In recent surveys conducted, Bangalore was the most preferred city in India to establish a start-up. Technological advancement and flexibility are the key reasons why people prefer to work in this city. Let’s not forget the abundant number of opportunities present in every nook and corner.  When the number of start-ups increases so does the resources such as office spaces. Thus, this necessity has given birth to an evolutionary concept of shared offices.

Today in Bangalore, shared office spaces like the Bangalore Coworking Hub are assisting the start-up community in many ways. They not only provide a cost effective option but also has numerous added benefits. In fact, though in the beginning, it started out as an option, now it has become a necessity of some sort. People have realized the secret behind shared offices in Bangalore which boosts productivity and sales.

Some of the major constraints faced by a start-up or emerging business these days include:

  • Budget- This is basically a calculation of the amount required to lay the foundation of your business. This will include total costs required to start functioning as a business.

  • Resources- It includes labor, office space, furniture, technology and other such resources required to function.

  • Time- You must be able to manage your time so that you don’t end up going in to a loss due to delays. Any kind of delays will increase your costs and reduce your profit margins consistently.

The above three factors can be reduced to a large extent if you take the decision of opting for a shared office space like the Bangalore Coworking Hub. Your budget and liabilities decrease to a considerable extent. Shared offices provide you all these advantages for a lower cost therefore helping you to save your resources while increasing your profitability. Resources such as office furniture and electricity are shared among  other companies using the office space therefore it works out better for everyone. The last factor which is time provides the utmost benefit to this concept. Instead of wasting time looking for offices all around and ending up with a small space in a remote area, you can choose a shared office space for a lesser amount in a prime location. You will save both time and energy so that you can redirect them towards your goals.

Apart from these factors, shared offices have larger benefits that impact the profit margins of your company. Take a look at the following boosters:

Platform for Innovation

Shared offices have people from various sectors working under the same roof. When you have some much difference of opinions and people from different backgrounds, you are bound to get creative and constantly find unique ideas. To form a million dollar idea, all you require is fresh perspective and that is exactly what you get in a shared office environment. Especially in Bangalore, the crowd is a complete mix of local people and migrants from different areas in India, even foreign expats are quite prominent here. So with this diverse crowd, employees feel more inspired and come up with great ideas for the company.

Business Platform

What better way can there be to advertise and market your company within your shared office environment. You have many different companies working under the same roof who can potentially be your future clients. If you strategize and market your brand through your employees, you garner a large interest for your company which in turn increases your profit margins. A shared office environment can even have a large corporate company or just a medium sized business, which increases the pool of investors and potential buyers for you. You wouldn't even have to spend too much marketing your brand outside.

Sharing an office in Bangalore would be a wise move which will help you enjoy the benefits on a long term basis and give your company a boost in its initial stages. What more could a start-up ask for? 

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Top 4 Reasons Why Shared Office is More Beneficial Than Working Virtually

If you are having trouble in choosing between working virtually or from a co-working or shared office space; then worry no more because we have a detailed analysis of the better option for you. Essentially both these two options are utilized due to the same reason - which is cost saving. Virtual offices do not require a location to function whereas co-working offices involve the sharing of work space. Though each option has their own benefits, we are quite convinced that a co-working space is the best option for you and your employees.

To validate the above statement we have put together some of the most prominent reasons to opt for a co-working space. This will give you a clear picture on how co-working spaces are beneficial to your employees as well as your business.


In professional co-working spaces like the Bangalore Coworking Hub, you are working with many different companies and people from diverse fields. You are bound to find new ideas and inspiration in such an environment. These different people will be able to help you by giving ideas, sharing thoughts or through their past experiences. On the contrary, when you are working in a virtual office you are practically alone with no one to interact or share ideas with. It often gets difficult to dig deep within and formulate new ideas for the business. 

Potential clients       

At co-working offices there is a high possibility that you will find a large number of clients for your business. When many companies come together at one office space, you will definitely find potential customers and you may work along with them for the same. It can prove to be highly advantageous for your company since you didn't have to work too hard to find clients. In virtual offices, there is no such scope since you do not work at a particular location.


Virtual offices mostly require you to work alone from home which won’t give you much time to mingle with other people. When you mingle with colleagues you tend to be much happier and refreshed for work. This increases your productivity and the desire for you to work more.  Co-working offices give you that opportunity to meet new people during lunch time or breaks so that you can come back to work with a refreshed perspective.


It is necessary to have good coordination between employees and the boss so that the objectives and functioning of the company is very clear to all. This is not possible with virtual offices because everyone may work across different time zones and locations making it hard to coordinate better. Though communication is possible through email or video chat, they will still have certain limitations. In co-working spaces, coordination is much better and everyone is at one place making it convenient and time efficient.

At the end of the day, all companies have the same goal which is to increase their profit and productivity levels. Therefore, you should be willing to take any steps that are necessary to reach the same. Co-working in comparison to virtual offices, is definitely a much more reliable and efficient option for you. So enjoy the benefits of a co-working environment like Bangalore Coworking Hub for optimum results.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Corporate Coworking: 3 Benefits You Were Not Aware Of

It’s here and it will soon alter the mode of operation of the corporate foundation with its innovative splash of functionality. Before you start wondering what we are referring to, let’s make it clearer by exchanging the word ‘it’ with corporate co-working. The world is undoubtedly headed to an emerging cultural evolution today within the corporate world. Employing the co-working model in a corporate environment will completely revamp and re-structure the manner in which traditional offices function today.

First let’s establish the distinguishing factor between traditional co-working and corporate co-working. Traditional co-working is when a bunch of start-ups come under one roof to support their launch in to the markets. The new model of corporate co-working is distinctively different since employees of major established corporations work beside start-ups or other freelancers. Here the objective is not only to save costs but to reap added benefits. So what are these added benefits? Take a look below:

Benefit #1

The environment of a workplace is essentially important because this is exactly what inspires employees to come up with new and progressive ideas. Many companies open up a clubhouse or a recreational area for their employees to relax and boost their productivity. In corporate co-working environments, this feature becomes available automatically. Your company employees will be surrounded by others from start-ups and established organizations, making it a supportive community for all. In such situations, employees mingle with people of different sectors and gain inspiration or ideas through them. According to the global co-working survey carried out by Deskmag, 71% of people reported a boost in creativity since joining a co-working space and 62% reported that their standard of work had improved. These statistics are more than enough to substantiate the fact that co-working spaces inspire innovation.

Benefit #2

A lesser known fact is that even the revolutionary physicist Albert Einstein, would share his ideas with his friends and colleagues to get their perspective of it. The first instinct you have when you believe you have come up with the ultimate idea, is to run it by someone you know. Co-working environments provide you with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds who can give you fresh perspectives on your ideas. The fundamental benefit here is that you get to test your ideas before making it a reality. A subtle explanation of your idea to the other people is enough to get many reactions about it. Then you can remodel your ideas according to those pointers. Around 90% of co-workers have reported an increase in their self-confidence (Deskmag survey) because of such environments.

Benefit #3

When you have a pool of diverse people from different sectors and areas of expertise, you can fish out some great talent for your company. Your employees can assess and figure out the best of the lot so that you can use this opportunity to employ them. There can be no better way to recruit people than having first-hand experience of their talents. Consider the fact that you wouldn't have to interview a large number of people or take the trouble of scouting through online resumes for this. Your options will be readily available to you in the co-working space.

These three unique benefits are just the underlying profitable benefits of the co-working space. There are numerous advantages which add to the satisfaction of working in such an environment. Take a look at a few pointers below:

  • Increased Learning
  • Energized employees
  • Increased retention
  • Adopting best practices
  • Investing opportunities
  • Partnership opportunities
  • Diverse and powerful interactions

Remember those university days when you had friends from every stream of study, with different backgrounds and fresh perspectives on everything? Well it wouldn't be an exaggeration to compare a co-working space with your university. As you meet different people on a daily basis your idea of fun, knowledge, learning, ideas and leadership increase exponentially. Though a corporate environment is particularly formal, you still have all these amazing benefits to profit from. So join this revolutionary corporate culture and flourish with its constructive philosophies.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Growing Indian Start-up Community and the Importance of Coworking

Tagged as the fastest growing economy in the world, India has an increasing number of emerging start-ups today. The prosperity of our economy gives a shining opportunity for all those wanting to grow in the start-up scene. The city of Bangalore, in particular, situated in the southern zone of the country, is one of the most preferred cities to begin a start –up in. Being tech savvy and on par with the silicon valley, many new business ventures begin from Bangalore every year. The increase in investors and unique start-up ideas is working best for the country in the current situation.

With the growing start-up community in the country today, one of the best feasible options for them is co-working. Many new business ventures want to reduce their costs incurred so that they can increase their profits two fold. Purchasing or renting an office space can be very expensive and not a very convenient option for them. This is why coworking spaces like the Bangalore Coworking Hub provides a unique opportunity to these start-ups to lower their business liabilities and increase their profitability. In addition to this, our coworking community also serves as the perfect platform for professionals, lean start-ups and emerging businesses to interact, network and connect with other members within the community.

A co-working community has the power to increase productivity and profits of new business ventures. When costs are flexible, you have more confidence in taking risks and going big with company decisions. Here are a few benefits which will truly help the start-up community when they adopt the co-working method:

Low Costs

When a start-up company is just about to kick start, one of their primary concerns is to find a good office location where clients and customers can be invited to. If your budget is small, you may end up with a shabby office in a very inconvenient location. You can avoid this by investing in a professional shared office space like Bangalore Coworking Hub which provides a range of amenities and facilities to lower your operational costs. You will only have to pay for the space being utilized according to number of employees.


In co-working spaces, you have many other companies of different sectors working along with you. There is a strong possibility that one of those companies will become potential clients or customers. Other than that, you will also get to make contacts from diverse sectors, which can help you in the future. For a new business venture, networking is very important in order to spread awareness and make helpful contacts. This feature can be particularly beneficial to the start-up community.


Start-ups have the opportunity of choosing from a number of membership options at the coworking community. This flexibility is very beneficial as they do not have to enter long term rental and lease agreements. There wouldn't be any apprehensions in paying according to the company’s status in the market. This will be hard in individual office spaces since you have to pay complete amounts without much flexibility.


Staying under the same roof with various people helps you to connect and share information with them. Sharing knowledge helps you to get new ideas and strategies for the functioning of the company. You may never know when you find the next new start-up idea just by co-existing with other companies.

When you invest wisely as a beginner you will invariably increase your profits. The emerging start-up community should adopt co-working as their first preference to make a significant mark in the industry. If you are an entrepreneur or a launching start-up, then opting for a co-working space can help you to reap immediate as well as long term benefits.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Coworking Etiquettes: Basic Guidelines to Follow When Sharing Office

Etiquettes are necessary in all walks of life whether at the restaurant, in meetings or at work spaces. When it comes to co-working the list of required etiquette increase because you have various employees from various companies working besides you. When there is a large group under one roof, rules need to be laid down and followed appropriately. You wouldn't want to become a constraint to the other people working besides you.

In co-working spaces it might be confusing for you to figure out how to work without causing disturbances to others. It is very important to maintain a friendly environment as this the best way to reap the benefits of a coworking office space like Bangalore Coworking Hub. Our shared office space in Bangalore provides a flexible and productive work environment to all the coworkers to help them translate their business costs into successful models. Just to give you a little heads up, here are some guidelines which will prove to be quite useful. 

Be Self Sufficient

Imagine the people working around you asking questions one after the other and disturbing you while working. It can immediately put you off and disrupt your working mode. Well, the same applies to others. Don’t interrupt too often if you have any queries about anything around the office. It’s best to figure it out on your own or ask one of your colleagues who is free.

Don’t Be Messy

When you are working alongside a large number of people there is bound to be some untidiness associated with it. Your priority should be to clean up after yourself whether it is while using the kitchen utensils or while putting your garbage away. Untidiness can put off your co-workers and give you a bad name.

Stay Friendly

Make sure you have a friendly nature towards the other co-workers since this can be extremely helpful for you. In a coworking environment like the Bangalore Coworking Hub, there are all kinds of people with different knowledge and cultures so being friendly will help you find new friends, share ideas, enjoy good company and ask for help when needed. Your workplace will become a fun environment to be in.

Maintain Noise

With so many people around, the work space can become quite noisy. It may cause problems when you are communicating with clients through the phone or a video call. The best way to manage this problem is by using headphones. It cuts out half the noise and helps you keep a low voice so that you don’t disturb your neighbors.

Take Personal Business Out

In case you bump in to a good friend or you want to take a personal phone call, then, be sure to take it outside the office. You wouldn't want your angry co-workers staring back at you for the disturbance so it’s best to keep personal business outside. Make sure you don’t make it too obvious because you may just end up making some foes.

Follow these few simple rules to make your co-working space an enjoyable one. After all people should be treated the way you treat yourself. Maintain a productive environment so that you will enjoy going to work every day.