Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Coworking Etiquettes: Basic Guidelines to Follow When Sharing Office

Etiquettes are necessary in all walks of life whether at the restaurant, in meetings or at work spaces. When it comes to co-working the list of required etiquette increase because you have various employees from various companies working besides you. When there is a large group under one roof, rules need to be laid down and followed appropriately. You wouldn't want to become a constraint to the other people working besides you.

In co-working spaces it might be confusing for you to figure out how to work without causing disturbances to others. It is very important to maintain a friendly environment as this the best way to reap the benefits of a coworking office space like Bangalore Coworking Hub. Our shared office space in Bangalore provides a flexible and productive work environment to all the coworkers to help them translate their business costs into successful models. Just to give you a little heads up, here are some guidelines which will prove to be quite useful. 

Be Self Sufficient

Imagine the people working around you asking questions one after the other and disturbing you while working. It can immediately put you off and disrupt your working mode. Well, the same applies to others. Don’t interrupt too often if you have any queries about anything around the office. It’s best to figure it out on your own or ask one of your colleagues who is free.

Don’t Be Messy

When you are working alongside a large number of people there is bound to be some untidiness associated with it. Your priority should be to clean up after yourself whether it is while using the kitchen utensils or while putting your garbage away. Untidiness can put off your co-workers and give you a bad name.

Stay Friendly

Make sure you have a friendly nature towards the other co-workers since this can be extremely helpful for you. In a coworking environment like the Bangalore Coworking Hub, there are all kinds of people with different knowledge and cultures so being friendly will help you find new friends, share ideas, enjoy good company and ask for help when needed. Your workplace will become a fun environment to be in.

Maintain Noise

With so many people around, the work space can become quite noisy. It may cause problems when you are communicating with clients through the phone or a video call. The best way to manage this problem is by using headphones. It cuts out half the noise and helps you keep a low voice so that you don’t disturb your neighbors.

Take Personal Business Out

In case you bump in to a good friend or you want to take a personal phone call, then, be sure to take it outside the office. You wouldn't want your angry co-workers staring back at you for the disturbance so it’s best to keep personal business outside. Make sure you don’t make it too obvious because you may just end up making some foes.

Follow these few simple rules to make your co-working space an enjoyable one. After all people should be treated the way you treat yourself. Maintain a productive environment so that you will enjoy going to work every day.

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