Sunday, 25 January 2015

How Co-working Spaces are a Boon To Young Entrepreneurs

With the  current change  in the business scenario the concept of  shared offices in the form of co-working spaces is fast emerging  providing  start-ups , freelancers and independent consultants  a space to settle down with their innovative business plans. Quite a few years back the trend of home office and cafe houses office were very prevalent wherein the young entrepreneur used to spend hours of  working alone at these places.
But as the times have changed so is the workspace .  Today these shared office space helps in bringing lot of positive results that enhance the productivity of the entrepreneur’s business. Not only the person can enjoy the cut down in his expenses at these places  but can also helps in enhancing one’s own self.
There are number of ways in which the co-working spaces act as a boon to the Young Entrepreneurs.

Inflow of Creativity: One of the major advantage of these shared offices is that the creativity  splurges out from each and every individual working in that culture.  It has been observed that with an atmosphere of creativity the work done is full of freshness and Vividness.   The whole environment is a collaborative one unlike  the virtual offices.
There  is a pool of ideas that comes out at these places and helps the young entrepreneurs to sharpen their creative minds and offer them a platform to bring out their ideas alongwith the views and opinions provided by the industry experts. Thus a lot of experimentation can be done at these office spaces.

Cost  Effective Services: When an entrepreneur is working alone then he might be in need  of those resources that are very costly and expensive. A  simple coffee that refreshes the  mind while working too makes a hole in the pockets when the budget is a constraint . In that situation these co-working spaces are a great help as they provide facilities of space  for a start-up office wherein  a young entrepreneur is able to work  with a desk and interne accessibility. Facilities like tea , coffee and distilled water too are ensured at these offices .
A lot of co-working spaces are coming  up in the metropolitan cities of the country . Bangalore Co-Working Hub is one such co-working office space that provides the shared office facility to start-ups at affordable rates.

Great Community Build Up: One of the most important advantage that is offered by these office spaces is that they act as a platform of building up great networks. A lot of community enhancement takes place at these places. Since everyone working in these shared offices are people coming from different business niche . Hence it is a great benefit to know people of similar tastes but different  but from different business.  It also act as a catalyst for crowd sourcing solutions for the young entrepreneurs.

So, these shared offices are not only a place to share the creative ideas but also a place of great  business friendships too.

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