Thursday, 20 August 2015

Top 5 Things to expect from co-working spaces

The modern day workload and way of working in today’s time is known for its flexibility and absolute originality. Never before has there been such a surge among youngsters to figure out independent careers, especially in India where until a few years ago parents decided what jobs their precious children should take up.
Professionals no longer stick to the orthodox 9-5 Job timings, instead they opt for freelance projectsthat allows them to chase their dreams while earning a living at their sweet time and pace. Some of us cannot handle the suffocation that comes with working in a corporate office space.
To service this growing client base, co-working spaces have sprung up in many cities all over the world. The following list is a compilation of 5 things that you can expect from a co-working space.

1)   Tech support
Although most professionals have a great working knowledge of all the gizmos lying around, some of us are closeted luddites with little or no knowledge about the new technology that governs our hand held devices and lap tops. Co-working spaces always have individuals who know virtually everything about the latest technologies. They will help you out from tight spots if required. You can be assured to carry out your task for the day with relative peace.

2)   Great working environment
 Your working environment will be great as you will not have to go through the extra effort of making faces and pleasing someone because you don’t know anybody else in a co-working space. Each individual has his/her work cut out for themselves and they pretty much stick to their own business. For people who are averse to any social interaction this is definitely a glimpse into heaven.

3)   No fixed timings
 Co-working spaces usually are on 24/7 and you can book a place for whatever timing is comfortable for you. It means that no more applying for sick leave whenever you feel like catching up with friends or going out for a movie. You are the master of your own time.

4)   Saving on your own costs
 Co-working spaces are generally aimed at people who are working for their startup. Anybody who is starting a new company on their own will tell you how difficult it is to manage the money. Co-working spaces enable people to breathe a sigh of relief as they don’t cost as much as renting out an entire office would.

5)   Social networking
 You will meet lots of people in the same situation as you but with no connection to you or your business. This makes conversing easy and all the more exciting. Unlike a corporate office where you have to behave in a certain way, co-working spaces offers a great chance at interacting and increasing your social circle.

So don’t just sit and ponder over the idea. Go book yourself a desk in one of these amazing co-working environments.

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