Monday, 26 October 2015

4 Things to Check While Choosing Co-Working Spaces for your Meetings

The concept of using co-working space to complete assignments in a well organized cabin is always a preferred choice over any other working environment. Most start-ups graduate from the comfort of their homes to an official headquarters however can feel quite intimidated by the prospect of renting a commercial space. An alternative to expensive commercial real estate is co-working space, where multiple organizations function under the same roof by sharing the total cost.

Choosing Co-Working Space for Meetings
It is important to consider a few factors before picking a co-working space where you can hold meetings and exchange pleasantries with clients. Here are few necessary assets to consider while looking for a co-working environment to hold consecutive meetings -
For any new enterprise, it is critical to set up base in an area that draws in potential clients. Your company or team of professionals should be stationed in a commercial point that is brimming with target customers. A co-working address can be used to hold meetings with a few additional features like a private boardroom. You should check for co-working spaces the also function on weekends since a number of prospective clients prefer meeting at a flexible time.
Co-working space should maintain a calm and motivated working environment. Meeting rooms or boardrooms are designed for the purpose of enhancing sales therefore a co-working space that provides adequate privacy is a reliable choice. You must choose a co-working environment that isn’t already stacked with employees but provides ample social space. The sharing partners in any co-working headquarters should be independent bodies who don’t intrude upon your space or disturb your presentations during a meeting.
Facilities like a good WiFi connection, open seating arrangements and security cameras are certain things to keep in mind while looking for the ideal co-working space. Presence of collaboration peripherals like projectors, white boards, screens etc enhance the efficiency of a board meeting. Co-working address should be spacious to facilitate a board table and your personal working desk. Other facilities include phone booth, printers and such computing technology that allows you to make adjustments in your presentations at the last minute.
While in a commercial residence setting up a separate board room to hold meetings can cost your company a fortune, co-working space addresses your financial insecurities by reducing the monthly lease. Co-working space that actually functions late hours or on public holidays makes an ideal point to hold meetings where all product discussions can take place. If the co-working space provides coffee and snacks, any board meeting becomes more comfortable and progresses efficiently on a satisfied stomach. 

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

4 Reasons that Makes Startups opt Co- Working Spaces

Young entrepreneurs are slowly shifting towards a unique concept called co-working space that brings together the elements of a secure and healthy work environment. Start-ups that consider co-working spaces are ten times more successful than those who don’t especially since it motivates your staff members and gives them a newly improved environment. Brainstorming a huge pile of case studies becomes relatively easy if you’re part of co-working space since it avails professional help and immediate assistance.

Why Should You Consider Co-Working Space?
Many start-ups prefer co-working space since it decreases the need for investing in a huge commercial residence. While most firms are too busy paying their utility and residential bills for a newly established office, co-working space is a cheaper alternative. It gives employees the flexibility of working independently alongside a team of dedicated professionals. It also ensures that you minimize working space into a comfortable and systematic corner that lets you focus on your main tasks. Instead of working in a noisy coffee shop, maintaining your own co-working space gives you authority over your operations.
Start-ups rarely consist of more than a few experts who are looking towards building a company through progressive sales and expert marketing. Start-ups are generally initiatives by young entrepreneurs who wish to liberate their talent and skills while having complete control over the profits. Co-working space provides an ideal setting for professionals to brain storm their ideas and operate efficiently in a fun and relaxed ambiance. Surrounding yourself with individuals who are equally as hard working as you boosts the firm’s profits.
High Quality Services
Co-working space provides adequate number of resources that you can use to enhance sales. Most co-working spaces offer single apartments or studios to start-ups at an affordable rent that can be paid on a monthly or weekly basis. For start-ups co-working space is the best form of saving every penny you earn in your projects. Also you gain access to a number of amenities like connectivity, computing technology, meeting rooms etc.
Gain Knowledge

Co-working space introduces your start-up to a unique line of talented people. So you never know when you’ll come across a prodigious designer or a skilled marketing agent who can actually become a part of your firm. Co-working space brings together a wide spectrum of professionals, right from writers to developers etc. Take advantage of these skills and utilize the best of what you’re getting. Co-working space brings together like minded individuals who are talented and eager to achieve their target goals.

Friday, 9 October 2015

5 Benefits of Using Co-Working Space During Night Shifts

The concept of using co-working space has become prevalent for the simple reason that it secures an individual’s personal space without causing any kind of interruption. While in a regular working environment which is closely under surveillance proves to be far more lucrative, working in an external outlet proves to be a handful. Co-working space allows employees to function efficiently and at a comfort level that is actually provided for by the company. During night shifts especially, co-working space is a much better option since it offers a secure working environment.

Benefits of Using Co-Working Space During Night Shifts
Maximum Output
Co-working space is technically the area/cubicle assigned to employees who work after-hours or are assigned a night shift as is most prevalent in IT companies. The professional dialect and company in a co-working space remains effervescent which is an inviting ambiance to put together your skills and ensure maximum productivity. There is no distraction at work during night shifts since most employees in such positions tend to concentrate on productive returns more than casual chit-chat.
Organized Work Room
Professional supervision is quite apparent in a co-working space which helps to secure documents in a single place. Working in an office during a night shift as compared to spending hours at an external outlet is a more productive practice. Co-working space gives employees an organized place to work out case problems without the hustle and bustle of an external outlet. A systematic work room enables employees to find what they need easily and work in a peaceful environment. 
Personal Security
Night shifts generally tend to make most employees uncomfortable especially since it apprehends sleep and decreases social activity. Co-working space also addresses security concerns especially when it comes to safeguarding personal property or belongings. The security offered in a co-working space is under strict surveillance with the use of CCTV cameras. Also the presence of a security guard enables employees to efficiently work without any kind of insecurity.
Co-working space offers employees the ideal setting to relax, converse, discuss and ponder over case files without any form of discomfort. Those who find co-working space an ideal setting for a night shift prefer working in a serene environment where they are most comfortable. While an external outlet limits your resources especially in terms of professional help and consult, co-working space ensures you work within the elements of your profession.
Available Resources
It also avails a number of resources like internet connection, sufficient power outlets, computing tools and a proper desk to keep track of all your files. For employees assigned a night shift, co-working space is highly efficient since it avails other amenities like a pick-up van that ensures they’re dropped off to their respective residences on time.