Monday, 18 January 2016

How Food and Recreational Activities at Co-Working Spaces increase Networking?

Co-Working Spaces are gaining much popularity these days. There are lot of activities that are conducted in these places inorder to mentor and train the individuals, entrepreneurs, start-ups etc. These places offer great opportunities to mingle with the same people in the business domain. It enhances the networking in a great way. As Co-Working Spaces are a complete package the food breaks, lunch and amazing recreational activities help in building up the new friendships, bonds as well as lot of avenues to grow their work. It also increases  lot of networking opportunities.

Communicate During Eating
As coffee and eating lunch at Co-Working Spaces will help you meet new people who too are sharing the same place you can engage with them and discuss more about your work with the people you meet. Communication while having food parties or sometimes food  treats can increase the productivity, experience and ideas. The informal talks during food with help you strengthen your contacts. In the recent survey too it has been observed and noted that 60% of the co-workers prefer a  shared an office space that offers the facility of food even at the odd hours of the day.
Mutual Commitment During activities
It has been observed that from time to time the shared office spaces helps in making the atmosphere of the office a lively one through curating a lot of recreational activities. During these activities people from different business communities take part. A lot of entrepreneurs comes out in a team while conducting the activities. Through this, a great networking is build up through this. Working together during the activities will also help you explore more possibilities to work together.
Networking in Collaborative Events
As strong community building is one of the major services that is offered through Co-Working Spaces, therefore, these events always facilitates networking. The collaborative environment during these events promote the options and features of you having the great relationship with the fellow entrepreneurs.
Hence, the shared office spaces help in building up a strong community that is possible through the lunch breaks , food as well as during the activities that are going to be conducted at these places. During the coffee time or lunch parties the people are able to build up strong relations. The essence of networking at the shared offices can be experienced during these times of collaboration and community building.


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