Thursday, 5 June 2014

11 Lesser Known Advantages of Shared Offices

If you are looking for low overheads, speedy set-up and great networking opportunities then shared offices are the clear winners here. Shared offices are known for their variety of advantages that not only reduce costs but also increase your profits. Common benefits itself seem to attract business owners towards this option but along with these benefits shared offices such as the Bangalore Coworking Hub has many lesser known advantages as well. So have a look at some of these advantages which make this option even more beneficial for your business.

·   Working from home tends to blur the line between home space and work space due to the many distractions. In a shared office you can enjoy the flexibility of your home as well as the professional environment of your office, therefore creating a balance.

·     At shared office spaces, furniture such as desks and chairs are already provided. This conserves time for you and helps you get your other work done.

·         If you are a freelancer working from a shared office, you get the opportunity to meet people who are travelling in the same boat. This helps you become a part of the community and increase your network.

·         The environment in shared office spaces is very flexible compared to traditional offices. You can enjoy socializing when you are too stressed with work or you can work productively in a quiet work environment when required.

·        At shared offices, you don’t really have a long term work commitment. If you are having problems in the workplace with other people or don’t like the vibe, you can quit at your own convenience.

·        Most co-working spaces hold fun seminars and workshops for all the employees which will help you learn something new. Some of these workshops may help enhance your working skills as well.

·         The availability of conference rooms to meet with clients is another great benefit. If you are an independent consultant or a freelancer, you have the availability of a meeting room to discuss with your clients. These meeting rooms can be booked as and when required.

·         The fact that a number of offices from various industries work under one roof makes it easier for you to know people from all sectors in the corporate world. You tend to engage with more people from different walks of life.

·   Shared offices provide flexibility in terms of rent which can be extremely convenient for companies that are looking to expand in the near future.

·         Such co-working spaces are generally located in prime business locations which are really helpful for start-ups and emerging businesses. Generally individual offices at such locations would cost a lot of money and put you in a spot.

·         Access to your workplace at any time and security is another good reason to opt for shared office spaces.  These places are generally guarded 24/7, which means security of your office and its valuables is something you don’t have to worry about. 

Shared office spaces like the Bangalore Coworking Hub are an economical and practical way to control costs while benefiting from the prestige associated with a fully managed business center. But these lesser known benefits act like the cherry on top of the cake. Now making the choice shouldn't be too tough for you!  


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