Sunday, 1 June 2014

Who Can Benefit from Co-Working or Shared Offices?

With the dawn of the contemporary age in the corporate world today, co-working or shared offices have become a more common and well-known term. This concept offers ample benefits which attract new start-ups and established businesses like bees to honey. It won’t be long before the word traditional office is erased completely out of the corporate dictionary. Co-working or shared offices like the Bangalore Coworking Hub are this attractive mostly because of their cost effective nature.

Every business whether new or established is always looking for ways to cut down their costs and what better way can they find apart from this option. But of course there are certain types of people who benefit a lot more than others. Have a look at some of these entities who sow the most rewards from this option:


Many a times companies prefer to outsource their work based on short term projects to freelancers. Most freelancers have the flexibility to work at their home or at a bustling coffee shop. In both situations there can be a lot of distraction due to the distracted environment with kids at home or the loud noises of the crowd in a coffee shop. This is the exact reason why freelancers opt for co-working or shared offices. In this environment, you will be more focused on your work therefore more productive. Apart from this, you have the option to meet new people from the same field or different fields and build a strong network. You may never know when the next opportunity for a job pops up in your office.

Start-Up Companies

For start-up companies, discovering solutions to reduce costs is like celebrating the festival of Diwali early. All start-up companies usually begin with a tight budget, so considering the fact that buying an office space creates the biggest hole in their budget, shared offices are like a breath of fresh air. Their costs reduce to a large margin and they get the benefit of working alongside different companies from different sectors. Besides these companies get to market their products within their own office space! So you may never know if your next investor is sitting just two seats away from you. It’s eventually all about networking and building up your contacts for future business ideas.

Corporate Houses

When corporate companies which are well established already decide to opt for a co-working space, you know that it’s something worthy. For corporate companies, co-working helps you mingle with other new or established business and maintain a harmonious working environment. If you really open your eyes you will find potential business partners or energetic investors walking around everywhere. It’s a room full of opportunities in your own backyard! Not only that but your employees will be energized with the fresh faces all around that their productivity may just shoot up to a 100%.

Independent Consultants

As an independent consultant you get to choose your own clients and working hours to decide your company’s goals and direction. The only problem here is that you will mostly have to work out of home which results to many drawbacks such as not being able to meet clients in a professional environment. In a co-working space all those worries are put to rest with a conference room available right there for you. What’s even better is that you may just find a whole bunch of clientele right there in your small office space. You will also be able to build your network and profit from the sales you get out of the additional business. 

So if you come under any one of these categories, then you know exactly where to start from. Half your worries will vanish just by opting for a shared office space such as Bangalore Coworking Hub. Before you lose out on this incredible option, start looking for a co-working space today!