Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Co working Spaces are a valuable asset for startups

Expedition of an entrepreneur starts as a bootstrapper.  The phenomenon of Infused co-working spaces is emerging out as an effective success mantra for the start-ups these days.

1.       It brings out the motivated enthusiast in you- Start-ups have always been a battle field of survival and sustainability. And with million things crawling in your head as an entrepreneur, there is a high possibility that you may coop down yourself locked in your cabin, all day long. But then, Co-working spaces save you from this loneliness, and brings out the highly-spirited individual in you.
2.       Ball game of Networking, Interactions, connections and experiences- You get a chance to work around professionals from the same industry and sector and connect. You get chances to interact with like-minded entrepreneurs and learn from their experiences. And one of them someday might turn out to be the future investor or business partner or ally. It allows you to strategize better, as you gradually pick the nuances of the trade. It opens up to you a wide spectrum of opinions, insights, responses and feedbacks.
3.       A penny saved is a penny earned- Co-working spaces are like affordable places  in your budget and opens the door for better investments. In the struggling days of your business you need to cut down on expenses for higher profit margins and returns. At your ease you can sign the contract for days to months with all the relevant amenities like printers, fax machines, meeting rooms, cafeterias, etc.
4.       Access to diverse skill set- As you meet highly talented people and experts  in different field, you develop references and doors for opportunities. And it brushes your communication skills. Entrepreneurs from such spaces are noted to be better managers, presenters, orators, listeners and thinkers.
5.       Make your work your hobby- A relaxed home like environment boosts the confidence level, lowers the stress out of work-pressure which is reflected in efficiency levels.
Locating apposite Co-working Spaces
Co-working spaces are the revolutionary trend booming amongst the start-ups novice entrepreneurs. A quick Google search, seminars, weekly events and networking sessions will bring you to the apt local co-working space.
Watch out for a place with good community, sufficient space and people. You need to bear in mind that a place you choose provides you with all the facilities and support you will need through your stay over there.

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