Saturday, 12 September 2015

Five Advantages of Coworking Spaces

With time, the idea of a workspace has evolved leaps and bounds. With the advent of fields such as Information Technology, globalization of corporates, multinational conglomerates, the workspace has been continuously adapting to the new challenges such as geographic separations, growing cities, transportation, infrastructure and so on. Corporates around the world are battling with problems such as loss of talented workforce, higher operating costs and tougher reorganizations due to geographical limitations.

Coworking is a trending work culture where employees work under a common workspace while not all of the employees necessarily have the same employer. These places have all the facilities of a typical workspace such as internet connectivity, optional meeting spaces and employee safety measures. A study indicates that coworking spaces are attractive to work from home professionals, people whose work involves frequent travels and individual contributors. Listed down are the five advantages of Coworking spaces

1: Work life balance
 Companies can decide on coworking areas for their employees based on the location which would be most convenient for them. This not only reduces time wasted in travel but also encourages the employees working from home to come to these places so that they can avoid probable power cuts, connectivity issues and distractions at their homes. Another advantage would be flexible timing, which would surely increase productivity as employees can develop their own personal schedules which they can adhere to.

2: Operation flexibility
Organizations can be more flexible in they way they operate. Decisions such as closing down a workspace, moving the workspace to a new city always has happy and unhappy employees. Coworking spaces can solve this problem by providing space for a team unwilling to relocate, working from the place of their choice and the company is kept from probable losses and losing their workforce.

3: Reduced costs
Employees surely benefit from the bankable connectivity, convenience of location and travel with coworking spaces. These spaces cost the companies much less than a big office would while still providing all the facilities for the smaller workforce.

4: Socializing
This definitely encourages employees to socialize more, interact professionally and personally with different people rather than working alone or from home where you stay with your family. The organization can also gain from the improved insights of the employee and meeting people other than coworkers at the workspace has been proved to boost productivity.

5: Growth
Coworking spaces are proven to increase the technical and business awareness of the employees and also nourish their ideas and keep them motivated. Companies on the other hand are more likely to find new clients and strike business partnerships

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