Sunday, 1 February 2015

3 Benefits of Using Coworking Space at Night

Imagine an office space working beyond the conventional 9-5 time job scenario. Normally it’s your bed or the study room that acts as an office for you to burn your midnight oil as all the coffee houses where you work during the day are shut down at night. But with the coming of the culture of Co-working office spaces you can easily find a lot of spacesto work during the night giving a boost to your business.

A lot of shared offices provides this facility of opening up during night to facilitate the young entrepreneur‘s working and helping him/her to burn the midnight oil under moon lightening. Bangalore Co Working Hub being one such space that provides night working services to start-ups in the city of Bangalore. There are lot of benefits to use these Co-Working spaces especially during the night.

1)      Avoiding Loneliness:  It is often seen that specially during the night the whole family goes off to sleep and you being the only sole member working at night to turn your dream into reality have to encounter loneliness. There are thoughts of sleep that keeps on hovering your mind thus declining your growth.  But by working at these shared office spacesyou will find a lot of alike people and thus it provides a platform to enhance growth and an atmosphere of work.

2)      Network Increases: Generally during the day due to the presence of more people at this co working places the bond between the peers is not as strong as you interact with lot of people and share a lot of ideas without concentrating on one at a time. Hence by the time the day is ended you forget about all those networking ideas in the pool of so many ideas. While working at night there are very limited people in the office that utilize night co-working services   and you can strengthen your bond as well as grow your network by sharing ideas in a much refined manner.

3)      Lesser  Disturbances: Working in a peaceful and quiet atmosphere is the best preference by every entrepreneur. During the day there are lot of hustle bustle of people chit chatting, lot of ringing calls, loud music etc but the culture of co-working space at night is very calm and serene. It will give more time to focus on your work with less amount of energy loss.

So by using the co working spaces at night you are bringing a real boon to your business.

Availability of all the necessary resources even during the night makes these places an abode of paradise for your business.  

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