Friday, 20 February 2015

What are the Benefits of 24*7 Co Working Spaces?

A co working space is not just getting out of an unhealthy work situation, but also it is a source of inspiration, collaboration, networking, making new colleagues and getting work done quickly. The evolution of co working spaces continues to attain momentum as it takes off with developers, writers and many others who like working at home but who do not like to be cut off from the world completely. Taking the space of a stereotypical coffee shop as the entrepreneur’s office, co working spaces were initially because they offered an alternative workspace, away from home. In fact co working spaces are like a giant brainstorming session, offering new ideas all the day and every day.
Here are few of the potential benefits of 24*7 co working spaces.

Ø  A way to meet potential clients and build relations: Coworking space is an instant community for professionals. This gives you a benefit of being around with many other professionals and potential clients who can help generate business for you. Most of the potential clients and business professionals would visit these 24*7 co working spaces to complete their work without any disturbance.

Ø  Proper meeting space: Bringing your client to a coffee shop a couple of times is acceptable, but eventually you need to show the client that you are credible. With most of the co working spaces allocated with conference rooms, this allows your business to appear more credible, as meeting your potential client in a conference room sounds more professional rather than a coffee shop. You can meet the clients at this 24*7 co working spaces depending upon the client’s free time.

Ø  Any time office: One of the main advantages of 24*7 co working space is that you can walk into the work space at  any time during day or night and indulge in your work. Sometimes there might be a dead line for an article writer and he can use this working space in order to meet his deadline.

Ø  Shared facilities: Besides having a shared conference room, co working spaces also provides access to few other shared spaces like Wi-Fi, fax, kitchen area etc. At any point of time of the day these resources are available

Ø  Microcosms of new economic structure: Co working spaces are great breeding ground for true capitalism. The entrepreneurs in the co working space contribute to each other’s economy and take positive steps into creating strong and sustainable businesses.

Ø  Knowledge hub: Another gain from co working is that the worker not only gets a resourceful place to work but also a place to share opinions and ideas. Taking the inputs from the experienced workers helps him understand the economy in a better way. In fact these spaces give works a feel of how working together can be more productive and dynamic.