Wednesday, 4 February 2015

How to select co working space for night shift?

Having a work schedule apart from the conventional time of 9 -5 is becoming a new concept of working in India with a lot of people having UK and US clients for whom they outsource a lot of projects. Finding  an office space under the moon lightening is quite a challenge . Specially for start-ups finding an office at affordable rates during a night shift is the most sought after place.
A lot of Co-working hubs though have introduced night shift plans in their services Bangalore Co-Working Hub being one of them , there are lot of parameters that should be looked after while you are planning to select a co working space for night shifts.

·         Safety should be at Priority: One of the major things that should be considered while you are opting for a co working space during shift is the safety concerns. You need to check whether proper measures of safety is available as an option at the place or not. With the increase of threat on the females sanctity you should ensure the place should be providing safety to both the male and female staff . Without safety you won’t be able to secure your work.

·         Availability Of Food: As during the night time all the food outlets are closed. There are very less options of 24*7  stores in the country and in a particular city . As people who have to woke up the whole night will feel hungry as well as need the beverages like tea/coffee in the major quantity , it is a most important thing that the place which you are deciding to carry out your  working activity should have the basic facility of whole foods to satiate the stomachs of your employees.

This will enhance the productivity of work and your employees too won’t  have to go out to far off places to have food .
·         Good Amount of Wifi Speed:  The most important thing that needs to be worked upon is the fact that what is the speed of the internet connection. As during nights the speed increases it is essential   to look that how much internet  speed is provided by the shared space to you .
Provision of beds , sleeping coaches , rest rooms: As night is a time when people become more sleepy  and they need a little rest as a break from their work. Those start-ups working in night shifts should check a place which provides  beds, coaches, rest chairs , rest rooms etc .

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